My Work

September 24, 2021

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Red Leaves

October 4, 2021

Check out the latest work by Susan Bryar, ARNP. Beyond The Fog took them all over the world while being written, and the outcome is an influential page-turner unlike any of their prior projects.

Sunset in the Woods

December 1, 2021

It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over. Beyond The Fog, the latest title from Susan Bryar, Nurse Practitioner is something of a departure from their previous work. Order your copy today.

Pregnant Belly

November 11, 2021

Susan Bryar, Nurse Practitioner is extremely proud and excited to share their latest work Final Countdown. The project might have been a lengthy one, but this was one story that really needed to be told.

Mothers and their Baby

April 26, 2022

Nurse practitioners are important contributors to high risk obstetric care.  Learn about who becomes an MFM NP, and what the work is like.